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Your first wish will be worth of 1PP (prestige point)

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Deathstrike Bracers (Magic Item Compendium s.93, 5000gp)
Rogue’s Vest (Magic Item Compendium s.130, 18000gp)

Ainakesän Reuna:
Amulet of Teamwork (Magic Item Compendium s.70) tai Amulet of Natural Armor (Dungeon Masters Guide s.246)
Crimson Dragonhide Bracers (Magic Item Compendium s.90)
Beast Claws (Savage Species s. 49)
Boots of Speed (sopiva versio) (Dungeon Masters Guide s.250)
Horned Helm (Magic Item Compendium s.112)
Wish (jonka takia varmaan vaihtuu hahmo kun failaa)

*Boccob’s Blessed Book (Dungeon Master’s Guide s. 249)
*Quill of Rapid Scrivening (Dungeon Master’s Guide II s. 270)
*Bag of Flames (Magic Item Compendium s. 151)
*Enveloping Pit (Magic Item Compendium s. 159)
*Infinite Scrollcase (Magic Item Compendium s. 165)
*Vest of the Archmagi (Magic Item Compendium s. 145)


Bow of Songs (Magic Item Compendium s.48)
Helm of Comprehending Languages and Reading Magic (Dungeon Master’s Guide s. 219)
Bolt of Voices (Arms And Equipment Guide s. 101)
Stirge Bolt (Arms And Equipment Guide s. 119)
Mushroom Wine or Golden Light, Gnome (Arms And Equipment Guide s. 30-31)
Headband of the Lorebinder (Magic item compendium s. 110)

PC Wishlist

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