Prestige points

Basically prestige points are bonuses the player earns for his character to modify a die roll during an encounter or to make enhancements to unique aspects of the character when he or she levels.

Earned Prestige Points

Character Points
Aduro 10 (Searing Spell feat 8, Fiery burst feat 8)
Ainakesän Reuna 0 (38 Str 16→20, 20 CON 18→20, 8 Improved Toughness)
Janeausdal -1 (22 points Int 13→16, 8 points Wis 9→11, 8 points Cha 16→17)
Viima 3 (8 points, spring attack feat)
Kaithlin 0

Each player that contributes editorially to the campaign site will gain prestige points. Points will be awarded to each player who uploads his character to the site including; the basic vital statistics (abilities, saves, skills and items); a brief physical description, and a short bio. One point will be awarded for each of these categories with a bonus point for a detailed description and bio with mention of NPC’s, enemies, desires, fears, and so on.
Note: players will be able to earn more points as they update their characters info throughout the campaign.

Players can also gain prestige points during the campaign by providing a journal (in the “Wiki” tab) written from the character’s perspective that includes adventure details, thoughts about his party members and the world around him, dreams and ambitions etc.
Note: Other players will be able to read these so player’s won’t necessarily want to write EVERYTHING.

Where to USE prestige points:
Round Abilities, Max 5 pts/rnd:

Ability Benefit Cost
+1 attack or damage (before roll) 1
+1 AC or saving throws 1
+2 to any skill check 1

Where to USE prestige points:
Encounter abilities:

Ability Benefit Cost
Agile reflexes Win initiative 2

Where to BURN prestige points

use cost
Nimble move Avoid being critically hit 1
X Reroll a successful hit 1
Lucky +1 Luck bonus to any skill 1
Renassaince Man Gain bonus feat 8
Improvement Raise ability score 1 point to max 20
Up to 9 2
10 or 11 4
12-14 6
15-17 8
18-20 10
- Reroll HD 2
Supreme Act Gain additional level 20

Prestige points

Pinnacles of Power Janeausdal